Incoming Call Lock


Incoming Call Lock


Incoming decision Lock is that the best security app for lockup incoming call out there on play store. this can be a requirement have application. This application can defend your phone’s Incoming decision to be picked by some one else. This application won’t permit anyone to visualize the caller’s variety, name or the other details because the watchword input screen are going to be informed the screen. Incoming decision Lock provides you flexibility to use it as per your instruction.


** Enable/Disable Incoming decision Lock
** you’ll choose pattern lock or watchword lock as a lock screen.
** nobody will visit your incoming calls by choosing the calls mistreatment earphones.
** machine Disconnect decision if tried with wrong watchword thrice.
** Caller kind Lock Settings : All, Known, Unknown, Selected
** Show Name Setting
** decision interference
** decision Lock hindrance to be killed by the processor.
** Lock screen is chosen from gallery or given half-dozen backgrounds.
** Pattern visibility settings.
** Fingerprint Unlock
Fingerprint App Lock, Incoming decision Lock, App Lock App Lock will lock your socail media and chatting Application like Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls and any app you select.

Pattern app lock – biometric security forestall unauthorized access and guard privacy to make sure security.

Fingerprint App Lock – App lock has 3 choices to lock your apps by mistreatment Fingerprint, pincode and pattern.

Fingerprint App Lock, App Lock, Incoming decision Lock is switched to PIN LOCK,Fingerprint Lock and Pattern Lock.

Incoming decision Lock App
Incoming decision security lock is that the most reliable security golem Application to lock your incoming calls and build them safe.
bio-metric security – Incoming decision security lock can defend your phone’s for Incoming call to be picked by some one else. fingerprint security lock – Incoming decision security lock won’t permit anyone to visualize the caller’s variety, name or the other details because the pattern screen are going to be informed the screen.

Easy To USE and Reliable program
App Lock change or Disable Lock for Apps by an easy checkbox!
App Lock user will add apps from the list you wish to lock with applock.
Privacy App Lock setting to stop misuse of the phone to vary the system settings!
Privacy lock – safty lock , to stop others from seeing your album, video and a spread of sensitive applications!

Fingerprint Incoming decision Lock Features:
Fingerprint App Lock, App Lock, Incoming decision Lock have choice to Enable/Disable Lock for Incoming calls.
Pattern app lock have choice to Set your pattern lock for incoming decision screen.
Incoming decision locker secure your calls even on headphones by simply change the choice from settings.
User will set variety of wrong tries in settings and therefore the decision are going to be disconnected on wrong attempts.

App lock for incoming calls have the choice to point out name of the caller or not.
call locker App have the choice to pick out your personal numbers and set pattern on decisions.
Incoming decision lock have the choice to feature varietys to white list simply just in case you lost your phone thus you may call your number and somebody will decide it up.

General options Fingerprint App Lock, App Lock, Incoming decision Lock
✔ user will fingerprint choice from advance setting by simply enabling a checkbox.
✔ amendment Pattern Security in App Lock and Incoming decision Lock.
✔ amendment PIN Security in App Lock and Incoming decision Lock.
✔ Feature to line any background from the gallery.
✔ Feature to line any color of the background and therefore the font and pattern dots.



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Fingerprint App Lock, App Lock, Incoming decision Lock secure your social apps, gallerias, videos, settings, phone calls,and all different apps you wish. App Lock and Incoming decision Security Lock is personal call & privacy app which provides you relief from unwanted persons World Health Organization will receive your private and private calls in your absence, AppLock and incoming line security lock app contain pattern lock that powerfully secure and defend your personal decision in your absence.


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